Doula Provider Information

Interested in becoming a Medicaid doula? Start here!​

First, read the Guide to Medic​aid Enrollment for Doula Providers.​​ Then, review these:

Second, once you are ready to enroll using ePREP, Maryland Medicaid's enrollment portal, use these​:

Program Policy and Guidance

Contact Information

For questions about provider enrollment​​, contact or, call 1-844-463-7768.

For more about Maryland Medicaid's Doula program, see the Medicaid Doula Program page​.  

For general quest​ions about Maryland Medicaid’s Doula program, email ​​​

Program Updates​

In Dec '23 and Jan '24, in response to stakeholder feedback, Medicaid held four additional live ePREP enrollment trainings specifically for individual doulas & doula groups:

As of July 1, 2023, the reimbursement rate for doula attendance at labor and delivery (code T1033) is $800.​