Guidance for Food Safety Complaints​​


In Maryland, responsibilities for the food industry and its products are divided between the Maryland Department of Health and the Local Health Departments​.​

The Local Health Departments license and inspect all retail food service facilities such as restaurants, food trucks, and grocery stores. All other food operations including the manufacture, storage, and distribution of foods are licensed and inspected by the Office of Food Protection’s Center for Food Processing or the Center for Milk and Dairy Product Safety.
Place a Complaint

To place a complaint about a retail food store or other retail food service facility​ (Restaurant, Carryout, Grocery Store, etc.), please contact the local health department​ in the county where the facility is located.

To place a complaint about foodborne illness, Maryland commercially manufactured food (pre-packaged foods purchased at a grocery store), Maryland milk or dairy products (bottled milk, yogurt, cheese, ice cream etc.), Maryland food or milk and dairy processing/manufacturing facility, or a cottage food product (a home-prepared or packaged food product - e.g., non-potentially hazardous baked goods or candy), please complete the following Compl​​​aint Form. ​

To place a complaint about commercially manufactured food product made in a state other than Maryland, please contact the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA), Maryland Consumer Complaint coordinator, at 410-779-5713.

Page last updated 4/28/2022​​