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COMAR Regulations

Code of Maryland Regulations (COMAR) is the official compilation of all regulations issued by agencies of the State of Maryland. COMAR is organized by title, with the name of tile corresponding to the name of the agency with the authority to adopt regulations.​ 

OHCQ accepts comments on any regulations at any time. If the regulations are not currently under review, your comments are held until the next review. Thank you for your input.

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 Office of Health Care Quality

Maryland Department of Health

Definition of adopted and proposed regulations:

Adopted:  A regulation carrying the force of law that has been approved by the Secretary, published in the Maryland Register under a Notice of Final Action after completing the agency’s standard process of review and public comment, and listed in the Code of Maryland Regulations (COMAR) and carries the force of law.

Proposed:  Regulatory language that has been published in the Maryland Register for public review and comment prior to its adoption as a regulation by the Secretary. Regulations that are being considered for implementation by the agency which have not yet completed the agency’s standard procedure for review.

The Office of Health Care Quality does not sell copies of COMAR Regulations. The Division of State Documents provides the official online access to COMAR.

For more information contact:

Matthew Weiss
Health Policy Analyst for Regulatory Affairs
Office of Health Care Quality