Maryland Primary Care Program

​(This was previously named the "Maryland Comprehensive Primary Care Model".)


The next step in health transformation in Maryland means transitioning to an All-Payer Model that limits the growth in total cost of care for Medicare beneficiaries. A key component of supporting the All-Payer Model is system-wide primary care transformation. Maryland, equipped with prior experience and expertise in primary care transformation, now proposes a Maryland-specific program: The Maryland Primary Care Program (MDPCP). This foundational payment and delivery system reform is designed to transcend the silos that separate the many professionals who are seeing patients, by providing the technical assistance, learning systems and the funding streams to support care delivery transformation. The MDPCP is based upon the Center for Medicare and Medicaid Innovation's Comprehensive Primary Care Plus Model​

Maryland is currently negotiating approval of the MDPCP with CMS. Pending approval, here is a timetable of key dates:
Submit Model to CMS for Approval
Summer 2017
Stand up Program Management Office
Fall 2017
Release Applications
Spring/Summer 2018
Select CTOs and Practices
Summer/Fall 2018
Initiate Program​
January 2019

General Information



Questions or comments may be directed to the Program Management Office for the Primary Care Program:


Last updated: 2018 January 19