Requesting Maryland Medical Assistance Data

Thank you for your interest in advancing best practices and policies though analysis of Maryland Medicaid data. The MDH Planning Administration team looks forward to working with you throughout this process.

***Please note: MDH publishes reports and publications on a regular basis that may sat​isfy your data request needs. Please visit the following pages: Reports, Publications and ResearchHealthChoice Evaluation and Maryland Medicaid DataPort​

The data request process involves five steps and is briefly outlined below. Please submit all required information and any questions or concerns to

Step 1: Beginning your Data Request

Please complete the Maryland Medicaid Data Request Form, available here. This form may be submitted via email to or completed online via Google Form, available here.
* Please note that under certain circumstances Steps 2 and 3 will be completed simultaneously, and often Step 3 is completed prior to Step 2.*

Step 2: Generation and Execution of Data Use Agreement and Interagency Agreement 

For information regarding Data Use Agreements (DUAs) and the DUA drafting process, please see Step 1 of the Frequently Asked Questions (left). Outlines with instructions of each attachment to the DUA are available here. Depending on the nature of the data request, the Data Recipient may also be required to enter an Interagency Agreement (IA).
Data Recipients must complete a Quarterly Report, pursuant to the DUA terms. Online Quarterly Reporting is available here.

Step 3: MDH Institutional Review Board Review and Approval

Certain data requests require approval by MDH's Institutional Reveiw Board (IRB). Additional information regarding this process through the IRB website, available here. The basic process is outlined below.
  1. The submitted IRB Form 1 (MDH 2124) will be reviewed by the Director of the Planning Administration. If approved, MDH will provide the Data Recipient with an approved copy via email.
  2. Formal submission to IRB - The Data Recipient will submit 10 copies for full board review (or four copies if eligible for expedited review).

Step 4:  Data Exchange and Maintenance

Upon completion of Steps 1-3, the requested data will be released to the Data Recipient by the data provider pursuant to the terms of the DUA. The Hilltop Institute at UMBC will often be the Data Provider for Data Release.

Step 5:  Closing Out and Data Destruction

Upon completion of the project or the end of the DUA term, the Data Recipient and its agents must certify that all copies of the shared data files have been destroyed. The Certificate of Data Destruction is available here. Moreover, the Data Recipient may be required to complete a Certificate of Study Closure, available here.