Medicaid HealthySteps


Medicaid HealthySteps Program

If you have a child under three years old, HealthySteps may be for you. The HealthySteps Program is resources, screenings, support​ and services for your child’s healthy growth. 

What is HealthySteps?

HealthySteps adds a child development specialist to your child’s pediatric care team. The team works with you at your child’s health care visits. The program gives parents and families extra support for the first three years of a child's life. 

What can I expect from the HealthySteps Program? 

Your child’s pediatrician and a HealthySteps provider will work with you to track your baby’s development. 

A HealthySteps provider will work with you based on the needs of your child and family. The care team can talk to you about:

  • ​How your baby grows and learns
  • Parenting resources
  • Breastfeeding
  • Self-care
  • Mental health and stress control

A HealthySteps Specialist can also connect your family to other needed resources like housing or transportation.

How do I know if my child is eligible for HealthySteps? 

To be eligible, your child must be:

  • A Maryland Medicaid member
  • Newborn to their 4th birthday

Talk to your pediatrician or call your health insurance plan for more information. 

How much does this program cost?​

HealthySteps is free for eligible Medicaid members. ​

What are the benefits of the HealthySteps Program? 

Research shows the HealthySteps Programs helps to improve a child’s growth progress. The program supports parents by answering any questions they may have about healthy child development. The program also helps find services the child and family may need.

Where can I join a HealthySteps Program?​

Call your Medicaid Managed Care Organization (MCO), which is your Medicaid insurance plan. You can find their number on your insurance card. They will help you find a HealthySteps provider. Your MCO can also tell you about other services and support you may be able to get. 

Contact information

For questions about Maryland Medicaid’sHealthySteps Program, contact your Medicaid insurance plan. You can find their number on your insurance card. 

What if I am a provider practice that wants to become a certified HealthySteps Program under Maryland Medicaid?

​For information about enrolling as a provider for Maryland Medicaid's HealthySteps program, visit the HealthySteps Provider Information page​.