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​NOTICE: Extension of Expired Licenses/Permits Ends June 30 2021​See ORDER of the GOVERNOR NO. 21-03-09-03

Notice regarding EN​​D of OFP Permit/License Fee Waiver​ (Updated 6/30​​/2021)​

New! The Governor’s Executive Or​der 21-06-15-01 terminates Order No. 21-03-09-03 ​​​which extended the expiration date of all licenses, permits, registrations, and other authorizations effective August 15, 2021. This applies to licenses and permits that would otherwise expire by June 30, 2021 and be renewable. If your business license/permit under the Maryland Department of Health (MDH) Office of Food Protection has already expired or is about to expire and you intend to operate your business after June 30, 2021, you must renew your MDH license/permit n​​​o later than August 15, 2021.  After that point, your business status will be indicated as "Out of Business," you must cease all food processing and distribution until such time as you apply for a new license (which may include a new plan review)​​, are inspected, and approved to operate.

Covid-19 and Food Protection Update: 

Thanks to the efforts of the majority of Marylanders to receive their COVID-19 vaccines, business operations have begun the return to normal in Maryland.  As of July 1, all emergency mandates and restrictions related to COVID-19 were lifted, including face covering requirements. ​As such, masks are not required in any setting, except for public transportation conveyances, which is in effect under Federal order.  Private businesses and workplaces are still encouraged to follow CDC guidelines and may still put in place the​ir own policies with respect to masking. See the Maryland Department of Health Face Covering Recommendations and FAQ.  For more information regarding restaurants and retail operations, please contact a local health department food program.

MDH strongly recom​mends that all non-vaccinated individuals over the age of 2 years continue to wear face coverings in all indoor settings outside of their home and in outdoor settings when physical distancing cannot be maintained. 

What We Do:

The Office of Food P​rote​ction’s (OFP) mission​ is to assure the safety of food in Maryland. The Office reviews, licenses, and inspects food manufacturing facilities in the state. The Office also works with local health departments, other state agencies, and the federal government to assure the safety of the food supply and to respond to any potential or actual threats to the food supply.​ We: ​​​​

  • Participate in policymaking, training and information sharing
  • Conduct enforcement and epidemiological investigations of food establishments
  • Inspect and enforce food safety regulations for shellfish plants, crabmeat plants, seafood HACCP, canneries, food manufacturing plants, frozen food plants, ice manufacturing plants, confectionery plants, food warehouses, soft drink and water bottling plants
  • Conduct plan and process review for all food processing plants and chain/franchise food service facilities (also known as prototype)
  • Review and approve HACCP plans for prototype facilities 
  • Respond to emergencies involved with food tampering or contamination​

Contact us:  
Maryland Department of Health 
Office of Food Protection
6 St. Paul Street, Suite 1301
Baltimore, MD  21202
Phone:  (410) 767-8400
Fax: (410) 333-8931​



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