Telehealth is a model of care delivery for medically necessary services by way of synchronous or asynchronous technology assisted communication. Synchronous telehealth means two-way audio-only or audio-video direct interaction between provider and participant. 

Maryland Medicaid reimburses for: 

  • Synchronous telehealth visits, audio-visual (face-to-face) and audio-only
  • Asynchronous telehealth

Quick Facts

  • A provider must consult their professional licensing board for telehealth governing their scope of practice and licensure requirements.
  • COMAR 10.09.49 Telehealth Services describes requirements for delivering approved services via synchronous telehealth.
  • Provider-specific COMAR chapters and manuals incorporated by reference establish which services are appropriately delivered via telehealth.
  • Maryland Medicaid has no geographic restrictions for telehealth services. 
  • All distant site (provider location) provider types are eligible for reimbursement for services rendered by telehealth. 
  • A telehealth originating site (patient location) may be any secure location approved by the patient and the provider.

Maryland Medicaid COVID-19 Related Telehealth Information

For information related to COVID-19 and telehealth, visit Medicaid COVID-19 Provider Updates​.



  • For more information or questions about Maryland Medicaid telehealth, see contact by topic Telehealth​.