Welcome to the Opioid Misuse Prevention Program

Welcome to the Behavioral Health Administration (BHA) Opioid Misuse Prevention Program (OMPP) web site. OMPP is administered by the Division of Population-Based Behavioral Health within BHA and utilizes the Strategic Preve​ntion Framework process.  Funds have been provided to jurisdictions to strengthen and enhance their local overdose prevention plans and to implement evidence-based opioid misuse prevention strategies contained in those enhanced plans.  This web site contains a variety of documents and resources related to the planning and implementation of OMPP.

BHA contracts with the Behavioral Health Research Team (BHRT) at the University of Maryland School of Pharmacy to provide evaluation and technical assistance to the 22 jurisdictions receiving OMPP funding. For SPF guidance materials and other resources specific to OMPP please click here​​.

At the present time all 18 jurisdictions (including one regional team: Caroline, Dorchester, Kent, Queen Anne's, and Talbot counties) have submitted OMPP strategic plans and are currently in the fourth step of the SPF process, implementation. The evidence-based strategic plan activities being implemented include: prescriber/dispenser education; PDMP awareness and enrollment; media campaigns about sharing, storing and disposal of prescription medications; youth education regarding the risks and harms opioid misuse; public awareness of naloxone and the Good Samaritan Law; drug take back events and drop boxes; dissemination of locked storage boxes for parents and senior citizens; SBIRT; and training for law enforcement and first responders on referring users to treatment. Please click here​ to see a snapshot of each jurisdictions plan along with contact information for each program coordinator.

Please feel free to contact one of the persons below should you need information not provided on this web site.

Behavioral Health Administration Staff:

Brooke HolmesGrant Program Manager
Brooke.Holmes@maryland.gov​ - (410) 402-8678

Larry Dawson, Prevention Manager
Larry.Dawson@maryland.gov​  - (410) 402-8622

Erin Haas, Local Programs Manager, Overdose Prevention
Erin.Haas@maryland.gov - (443) 827-0735​

Brooke HolmesGrant Program Manager
Brooke.Holmes@maryland.gov​ - (410) 402-8678

MSPF State Evaluation Team, University of Maryland School of Pharmacy:

Fadia Tohme-Shaya, PhD, MPH, Lead Evaluator
fshaya@rx.umaryland.edu - (410) 706-5392

Nicole Sealfon, Program Manager
nsealfo​n@rx.umaryland.edu​ - (410) 706-0178

Marianne Gibson, MS, Project Coordinator
mgibson@rx.umaryland.edu​ - (410) 706-7614

Kimberly Stinchcomb, MPH, Project Coordinator
kstinchcomb@rx.umaryland.edu​ - (410) 706-4921