Medicaid CenteringPregnancy Services


Medicaid CenteringPregnancy Program

Are you pregnant or thinking about having a baby? The CenteringPregnancy program may be for you. CenteringPregnancy is care, support, and learning in a group setting - before and after birth. 

What is CenteringPregnancy?

CenteringPregnancy is a new way of getting the care you need as you get ready to give birth. It is group-based care. Everyone in the group is due around the same time. The group talks together, learns together, and supports each ot​​her. You will spend more time with your provider and care team as part of the group.

How does CenteringPregnancy work?​

You will meet with your provider for an exam to check on your baby. You will also meet with your group of about eight to ten people. Each visit will last 90 minutes to two-hours. During this time, your group may talk about: 

  • Pregnancy side effects
  • Labor and delivery
  • Breastfeeding
  • Baby care
  • How to handle stress 
  • Healthy food

How do I know if I am eligible for CenteringPregnancy?

To be eligible, you must be both:

  • A Maryland Medicaid member
  • Pregnant 

Talk to your health care provider or call your health insurance plan for more information.

How much does this program cost?

CenteringPregnancy is free for eligible Medicaid members. 

What are the benefits of CenteringPregnancy?

CenteringPregnancy is a support network. You get to share your thoughts and concerns with a group who knows what you are going through. Research shows that this type of care helps with:

  • Higher birth weights
  • Higher breastfeeding rates
  • Less chance of preterm birth
  • Better management of pregnancy-related conditions like gestational diabetes

Where can I join a CenteringPregnancy program?​

Call your Medicaid Managed Care Organization (MCO), which is your Medicaid insurance plan. You can find their number on your insurance card. They will help you find a CenteringPregnancy provider. Your MCO can also tell you about other programs and support you may be able to get.


Contact information

For questions about Maryland Medicaid’s CenteringPregnancy program, contact your Medicaid insurance plan. You can find their number on your insurance card. 

What if I am a practice that wants to become a certified CenteringPregnancy Program under Maryland Medicaid?

For questions about enrolling as a provider for Maryland Medicaid’s CenteringPregnancy program, visit the CenteringPregnancy Provider Information page.