pdmp legal requirments for pharmacists, prescribers and dispensers


2023:​​ Naloxone Dispensing ​required to be reported. Starting July 20th dispensers of controlled substances (CS) must report naloxone dispensing to the PDMP for use in public health surveillance and planning.

2020: HB 663 (Chapter 290)

2019: Dispensers must report every 24 hours including submission of "zero reports" if no dispensing occurs.

2019: HB 466 (Chapter 364)

2018: Use mandate requires providers, with some exceptions, to query and review their patient's PDMP data for patients recieving CS prescriptions.

​2017: SB 38 (Chapter 40)

2016: Registration mandate goes into effect, requiring Maryland licensed pharmacists and prescribers authorized to prescribe CS in Maryland to register with the PDMP.

2015: SB 757 (Chapter 757)

2014: HB 255 (Chapter 92)

2013: SB 80 (Chapter 177)

2011: PDMP Authorized​ by law and became a program within Maryland Department of Health.  CRISP, the state-designated health information exchange, is the web-based portal giving providers free, secure online access to the PDMP