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​How to Use Naloxone​

El Uso de la Naloxona: Verlo en Español​​​​​​

Anyone can learn how to use naloxone with minima​​​​​​l training. The following instructions describe how to use Narcan® Nasal Spray.​​

Signs of Opi​oid Ov​erd​​​ose
  • Unresponsiveness
  • Shallow, slow, or stopped breathing
  • Lips/fingernails turning blue/gray/white depending on skin tone
  • Pale/grayish skin
  • A very limp body
  • Loud snorin​g or gurgling sounds
  • Slow or stopped heartbeat​
Step 1: Get Thei​​​​r Attention​​​​​​
Firmly rub your knuckles up and down the middle of the person’s chest.
Step 2: If No Response, Call 911​​​​​​​​
Tell them your exact location and describe the person's symptoms.
Step 3: Give Naloxo​​​ne
Peel back package to remove the device. Place the tip of the nozzle in either nostril until your fingers touch the bottom of the person’s n​​ose. Press the plunger firmly to release dose into nose. If first dose doesn’t work within 1–3 minutes, give second dose.​
Step 4​​​​​​: Support Br​eathing
Lay the person on their back. Tilt the chin back. Remove anything blocking their airway. Pinch the person’s nose closed and cover their mouth with your mouth. Blow 2 regular breaths, then give 1 breath every 5 seconds. If trained in CPR, do chest compressions.
Step 5: Give Car​​e​​​​​​
Stay with the person until medical help arrives. Place the person in recovery position: face and head turned to the side, top hand placed under head, top knee bent to support the body.​

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