Maryland’s Commitment to Veterans

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About Our Services

The department's Behavioral Health Administration prides itself on our comprehensive system of treatment and recovery support services for individuals who are currently serving or have served in the US Uniformed Services (Active Duty, Guard and Reserve) and their families seeking wellness in our State. The Administration’s Maryland’s Commitment to Veterans program has a leadership role in both policy and program development and a direct services role. 

This office coordinates with national, state and local organizations to improve services and empower individuals throughout their recovery. In addition, the program provides referral services, peer support and crisis funding to Maryland US Uniformed Service members, veterans and their families and training/educational opportunities for behavioral health and medical providers, peers, first responders, and community partners.

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If you have questions regarding Maryland’s Commitment to Veterans or the program’s ongoing projects, contact: Joy Ashcraft, Director Maryland’s Commitment to Veterans Joy.Ashcraft@maryland.gov​