Updated March 29, 2024​​

Measles is a highly contagious, vaccine-preventable viral infection. Currently, there is no evidence of ongoing transmission of measles in Maryland.  However, there are ongoing measles outbreaks in areas outside of Maryland and internationally. ​​On March ​18, 2024, the CDC issued a Health Alert Network (HAN)​ health advisory regarding an increase in domestic and international measles ​cases and recommends ensuring children, ​whether traveling or not, ​are up-to-date on MMR vaccination.​​​​​​​

If you think you or your family member have sym​ptoms of measles​, call your doctor before going to the office so staff can take measures to prevent possible spread to other patients.  Do not go to child care, school, work, or out in public if you have symptoms of measles. If you think you or a family member might have been exposed to measles, or if you have questions about vaccinations, contact your healthcare provider. 

Cases of Measles in Maryland, as of February 1, 2024
​Confirmed Cases
​                                       0
​                                       0