Building Permits

The Health Department and Building Permits

Building permits are circulated through a number of agencies including the Health Department’s Bureau of Environmental Health. Our Bureau reviews building permits with the following issues in mind: water supply, wastewater disposal, food service, and other matters related to the Maryland Department of the Environment (e.g., air quality, industrial discharge) and the Maryland Department of Health (e.g., Assisted living, public swimming pools, camps).

To request any records from the Environmental Heal​th Bureau, please downloand and complete this form. Requests need to be e-mailed to or faxed to 410-876-4430.​​

The ​​Health Department requirements for the following projects are addressed in specific policy memorandums: Homes, AdditionsAccessory Dwelling Units, Decks, ShedsSwimming Pools.

Other resources: Building Permit/Use and Occupancy Checklist