School Health Program

Queen Anne's County Health Department and the Board of Education have partnered to provide health services to students attending Queen Anne's County Schools. Each school's staff includes either a registered nurse or a licensed practical nurse who is responsible for implementing the county's school health program. The health department provides clinical supervision, recommends policy, and evaluates program outcomes. For further information, please call the health department.

Contact Information

Queen Anne's County Health Department
Phone: 410-758-0720

Queen Anne's County High School
Phone: 410-758-0500

Kent Island High School
Phone: 410-604-2070

Anchor Point Academy
Phone: 410-758-2403 extension 1999

Stevensville Middle School
Phone: 410-643-3194

Centreville Middle School
Phone: 410-758-0883

Sudlersville Middle School
Phone: 410-438-3151

Matapeake Middle School 9th Grade Annex
Phone: 410-643-7330

Bayside Elementary School
Phone: 410-643-6181

Kent Island Elementary School
Phone: 410-643-2392

Matapeake Elementary School
Phone: 410-643-3105

Grasonville Elementary School
Phone: 410-827-8070

Centreville Elementary School
Phone: 410-758-1320

Kennard Elementary School
Phone: 410-758-1166

Church Hill Elementary School
Phone: 410-556-6681

Sudlersville Elementary School
Phone: 410-438-3164​