Environmental Health

​Environmental Health provides many services for our citizens. Our goal is to protect public health by enforcing regulations that provide a safe and healthy environment. Some of our services include:
  • Food Protection - Routine inspections of licensed restaurants, investigates food-borne outbreaks, issues permits for special events where food will be sold.
  • Sewer Program - Evaluates and inspects new and existing sewage disposal systems, investigates illegal sewage disposal.
  • Water Program - Inspect proposed well sites, inspect new and replacement wells. Collects water samples from individual water supplies for testing, analyzes results; issues certificates of potability; responds to concerns about the safety of drinking water including public supplies.
  • Rabies Program - Provides 24 hour on-call services for human or pet exposure to suspected rabid animals. Also provides clinics for vaccination of cats and dogs against rabies.
  • Public Pool Inspections - Licenses all public swimming pools and spas, conducts routine inspections; issues pool operator certification to persons who successfully complete an approved operator course.
  • Nuisance Investigations - Assists communities to prevent and control rodent and insect infestations. Investigates citizen complaints.​

Contact Information

206 N. Commerce St.
Centreville, MD
Phone: 410-758-2281​