Coordination of Community Services

​​Queen Anne's County Department of Health provides coordination of community services to eligible individuals (children and adults) with developmental disabilities. Coordinators of Community Services (CCS's) assess a person’s eligibility for DDA funded programs and provide ongoing case management services to an individual (if found eligible). These services can include vocational, residential, in home support, mentoring, respite, advocacy, behavior support as well as access to financial grant programs. We also partner with other community organizations and provide linkage to additional services and programs that may be beneficial to the person and/or their family. If you are interested in applying or need additional information, please contact Shayna McCrea at 443-262-4519 (office) or

Contact Information

Shayna McCrea
Phone: 443-262-4519

Leah Miles
Phone: 443-262-4516

Stacey Quigley
Phone: 443-262-4530