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 Immunet Frequently Asked Questions

ImmuNet Frequently Asked Questions

About ImmuNet

ImmuNet Access and Enrollment

Patient Data in ImmuNet

Requesting Vaccination Records

Reporting Data to ImmuNet

Vaccines for Children and ImmuNet

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About ImmuNet

What is ImmuNet?

Why is ImmuNet needed?

What are the benefits of ImmuNet to a provider's practice?

How can ImmuNet help my patients?

Can an immunization information system like ImmuNet really improve immunization?

ImmuNet Access and Enrollment

Who should have access to ImmuNet?

How do I register to become a user of ImmuNet?

What do I need on my computer to use ImmuNet?

Can I access ImmuNet via my phone?

I had an ImmuNet account, but I have not used ImmuNet and have forgotten my username and password. Is my account still active and do I need to re-enroll?

Is there a cost to use ImmuNet?

Can more than one staff in our organization use the same username and password to sign in to ImmuNet?

What do I do if I am having trouble accessing the ImmuNet system?

Is training available for providers?

What hours will ImmuNet be available?

My practice has more than one location; do I need a separate ImmuNet account for each office?

How is an account deactivated for a staff who has left, retired or relocated?

Patient Data in ImmuNet

How is my immunization record and information protected?

How is information in ImmuNet kept confidential?

Is parent consent required to add or share a vaccination record in ImmuNet?

Can I browse ImmuNet for records of children that are not in my care?

How is the accuracy of the data in ImmuNet validated?

What if parents do not want their child's record in ImmuNet?

What is being done to protect the confidentiality of patients?

How will ImmuNet help with school and child care facility certificates?

What if I find an inaccurate record for a patient?

When I enter/send a historical record for a patient (vaccine administered by another provider), will this be a duplicate entry in ImmuNet?

A parent claims that their child completed the Hep B series, however, the third dose is not shown as completed in ImmuNet.

If we see a duplicate for a patient in ImmuNet, how can we report it (since we are not allowed to email the patient name and details)?

If a hospital reports a birth dose to ImmuNet and a provider later also enters that record as a historical record, will that record show up twice?

Can we access the data for District of Columbia (DC) patients?

Will we be able to pull vaccination records from ImmuNet?

Requesting Vaccination Records

Why can't I find a record in ImmuNet?

How do I obtain a copy of my vaccination record from ImmuNet?

Who can receive a copy of an individual's vaccination record from ImmuNet?

Reporting Data to ImmuNet

Who is exempt from reporting?

How do providers submit data to ImmuNet?

What should I do to get ready for data exchange?

What immunization data elements are required to be reported to ImmuNet?

Does ImmuNet support bidirectional data exchange?

Can clinic office staff enter records into the Registry?

We provide only tetanus and flu shots in our office. Do we still have to report to ImmuNet?

I tried to set up reporting to ImmuNet a year ago, but have not been successful with my EHR vendor. How can I move forward?

Do vaccination records that are entered into my practice's EHR automatically get sent to ImmuNet?

Why does historical data entered into our EHR not get sent to ImmuNet?

My practice has locations in both Maryland and DC, does my EHR need to send data to both registries?

My EHR is connected and reporting to ImmuNet, however, I do not see all my patients in ImmuNet?

When we update our EMR with new patients, will these patients come across to ImmuNet if we are doing data exchange?

Our EMR does not capture the mother's maiden name; is it required in ImmuNet?

Will a birth Hepatitis B dose given in a hospital show up in ImmuNet?

If I enter data manually, how often should I enter the data?

We transmit data from our EHR to ImmuNet, but the transmission is failing because the patients are missing some demographic information.

Is ImmuNet doing data exchange with pharmacies?

Are patients with inactive status transferred from my EHR to ImmuNet?

How soon after we enter the data in our EHR does it get to ImmuNet?

Vaccines for Children (VFC) and ImmuNet

What is the Vaccines for Children (VFC) Program?

Does ImmuNet interact with the Vaccines for Children (VFC) Program?

Why are Vaccines for Children (VFC) providers being mandated to use ImmuNet and report data to ImmuNet?

How can I track my vaccine order through ImmuNet?

Is ImmuNet only for VFC patients?

Does ImmuNet have data exchange with thermometers?

Can we register to use ImmuNet now?

Will there be training on how to enter vaccine inventories?

Do you provide help to enter data manually into ImmuNet?

Does the VFC mandate require us to have an EHR or connect our EHR to ImmuNet?

Can we add private (non-VFC) vaccine data to ImmuNet?

What if the patient is not in ImmuNet when I go to enter data for a patient search?

Is there a time frame for placing orders, can we just place orders when we are low?

Our office has several different locations-- same pin number but with a different alpha suffix, will each office still be separate?