ImmuNet Hot Topics​

​ ​07/13/2022 - MPX (monkeypox)

See here​ for more MPX information. ​​Maryland currently follows CDC guidance to vaccinate individuals with high or intermediate risk ​exposure ​to a person with confirmed or presumed monkeypox. This may change as more vaccines become available. Thank you.​​​

 ​5/18/2022 - Updates to ImmuNet Reporting statute

As of July 1, 2022, the exemption in §18–109(d)(6)(II)​ will be deleted. This means that vaccine providers who administer a vaccine in a nursing facility, an assisted living program, a continuing care retirement community, or a medical day care program, will be required to report to ImmuNet.

​​5/18/2020 - ImmuNet’s Reminder/Recall functionality

Healthcare providers are encouraged to remind their patients to get vaccinated. To use ImmuNet’s Reminder/Recall functionality, click here for the Quick Reference Guide.

VFC Providers, see this VFC webpage for more information.