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Time To Renew



Board Approved Supervisors approved on or before 10/31/2022 are required to obtain 3 CEUs in supervision.  Check here to see your date of approval


You must submit a copy of the legal documentation of the change.  (mail or fax to 410-358-2469 or attach documentation to an email and send to louise.bohle@maryland.gov).  See instructions-> Name Change​​​

Renewal Instructions

IMPORTANT. When entering Ethics obtained in the Category I or Category II, please list the units under its own heading called Ethics Category I or Ethics Category II.

Supervision Continuing Education units should be listed as Supervision Category I or Supervision Category II.

Before you begin, you will need the following:

  • 1. Internet access. (Home, office, library)
  • 2. Your Maryland Board of Social Work Examiners license number and your Social Security number.
  • 3. Your continuing education certificates for the last 2 year period (11/01/22 – 10/31/24​) OR, if your license was issued in 2021, since the original license date.
  • 4. A printer, to print a copy of your application and the receipt.

Criminal History Records Check - ALL Licensees Must Complete a Criminal Background Check 

There are two parts to this process:

1) Use the following link to obtain information on completing the criminal history background check, whether or not you live in or outside of Maryland. Criminal History Records Check​

2) The online renewal application will have the following statement at the end of the application.  By attesting to this you are agreeing to be part of the "Rap Back Service" as defined in regulations ​[]. This must be completed or you will not be able to pay and submit your renewal.
Steps to Renew Online
  • Click “ONLINE RENEWAL” above and proceed to the Logon screen. Choose your category of licensure from the drop down menu.
    • LBSW-Bachelor
    • LMSW-Master
    • LCSW-Certified
    • LCSWC-Certified-Clinical

  • Enter the license number (the 5 digit social work license number located in the bottom left hand corner of the license – without the “A” for Associate or “G” for Graduate).
  • Enter the last four digits of your social security number and click the LOGON box.
  • Fill in the information as requested. Note that some areas may already be completed or may be blank. Please revise or enter the information in order to update your record.
  • Part 1: Personal Information. Note: the insurance company, policy number and expiration date of the Worker’s Compensation coverage must be completed IF you employ individuals.
  • Part II: Questions # 1 through # 5 – all must be answered with a yes or no.
  • Part III: Continuing Education Units – for each program provide the following: course title, sponsor’s name, date of program, number of CE units, select Category I or II and for the Ethics program select Ethics Category I or Ethics Category II.
  • The online program will ONLY process the renewal application IF:  The Category I continuing education units total at least 20 (15 for LBSW's) units ; with at least three Category I or category II units in the content area focusing on Ethics; and the grand total is at least 40 (30 for LBSW's) units.
  • If applicable, Board Approved Supervisors​ (link to verify Supervision) require three Category I or Category II Continuing Education units in the content a​rea focusing on Supervision.
  • Prior to selecting a method of payment, you must certify that all information in the application is correct.
  • Review your application and then click  ​​AFFIRM AND MAKE PAYMENTNote that once submitted, the application cannot be changed.
  • CREDIT CARD: Select Visa, MasterCard or Discover Click ONCE to confirm payment. The payment is processed within 1-2 business days. American Express is not accepted.
  • Print and retain a copy of your renewal application and the online payment receipt