Board Meeting

Board meetings are held every second Friday of the month in the Patterson Avenue Metro Building. The open session of the Board Meeting is open to the public. The open session starts at 10:30.

Metro Executive Building
4201 Patterson Avenue, Room 110
Baltimore, MD 21215
2019 November Agenda
2019 October Agenda
2019 September Agenda2019 September Minutes
2019 August Agenda2019 August Minutes
2019 July Meeting: Cancelled( Lack of quorum)
2019 June Agenda2019 June Minutes
2019 May Agenda2019 May Minutes
2019 April Agenda2019 April Minutes
2019 March Agenda2019 March Minutes
2019 February Agenda2019 February Minutes
2019 January Agenda2019 January Minutes
2018 December Agenda2018 December Minutes
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2018 October Agenda2018 October Minutes
2018 September Agenda2018 September Minutes
2018 August Agenda2018 August Minutes
2018 July Agenda2018 July Minutes
2018 June Agenda2018 June Minutes
2018 May Agenda2018 May Minutes
2018 April Agenda2018 April Minutes
2018 March Agenda2018 March Minutes
2018 January Agenda2018 January Minutes
Testimony from draft regulationThe Board asked all social workers for comments on Regualtions
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2017 November AgendaNovember 2017 Minutes
2017 October AgendaOctober 2017 Minutes
2017 September AgendaSeptember 2017 Minutes
2017 July AgendaJuly 2017 Minutes
2017 June AgendaJune 2017 Minutes
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