Supervision Regulations COMAR 10.42.08

Effective July 1, 2004 and revised December 17, 2007. These regulations were developed because the 2000 social work statute, required that supervision regulations be developed.


Suggested Resources for Social Work Supervision Training Programs

The training required includes the following:
  1. One social work graduate course in supervision from a master's degree program accredited by the Council on Social Work Education; OR
  2. 12 hours of agency-sponsored supervision training; OR
  3. 12 credit hours of continuing education in social work supervision by a Board-authorized sponsor.
A social worker may want to check with the following organizations to determine if they are offering a continuing education program in social work supervision:

The Association of Social Work Boards,, has a listing of approved CE sponsors with web site links.

The National Association of Social Workers,, has a listing of approved CE programs. Local chapters of NASW may be offering programs.

University of Maryland – School of Social Work – Continuing Professional Education,, may be offering programs in supervision training.

Please note that a social worker may obtain the 12 credit hours in social work supervision in Category I or Category II. Category II includes online – distance learning – home study programs.

Frequently Asked Questions about Supervision

  • 1) If I am supervising candidates for advanced licensure, when will I be required to register with the Board and how can I obtain a registration form?
    The supervision regulations went into effect on July 1, 2004. The registration form and the instructions are posted on the Board webpage.

  • 2) Why is there a requirement that a social worker must obtain 18 months of social work experience at the LCSW or LCSW-C level prior to supervising others for advanced licensure?
    The Board believes that an 18 month period will provide additional time for a social worker to become more acclimated to the responsibilities associated with the LCSW or LCSW-C level of licensure. A more knowledgeable and confident social worker will be able to provide a more professional level of social work supervision to others seeking advanced licensure.

  • 3) If I am unable to obtain supervisory hours from a Board approved LCSW or LCSW-C supervisor in my agency, can I go outside of the agency to obtain supervision which will qualify for licensure at one of the advanced levels?
    Yes. Arrangements to obtain supervision for licensure at one of the advanced levels can be made within or outside of the agency. All supervision must be under a contractual agreement form and the supervision must be accountable to the employer.

  • 4) Can hours from group supervision be used toward licensure at the LCSW or LCSW-C levels?
    Yes. Fifty (50) hours of the 100 hours required for supervision can come from group supervision. However, the group size cannot exceed 6 supervisees.

Supervision Forms

For inquiries

If you have further inquires please contact Njeri Clay, LCSW-C, Social Worker Supervisor at: