Lists / Rosters for Purchase

*New, ​Roster List(s) can now be purchased online with credit card​.  Acce​ss Online Payment Center

For mail-in order and check payment continue with instructions on this page​.​

Roster Request Form

The list does not include e-mail addresses.

The Board of Social Work Examiners has available for purchase listings of its licensed social workers in the following format:

  • Roster by licensee name
  • Roster by zip code

The list(s) consists of the following information:

License Number, Last Name, First Name, Address, City, State, Zip Code, Date of Issue and Date of Expiration

The cost for purchasing a roster is as follows

Categories of Lists​​
   Bachelor Licensees (LBSW)$80.00
   Master Licensees  (LMSW)$80.00
   Certified License (LCSW)$150.00
   Clinical Licensees (LCSW-C)$150.00
   Combined Certified & Clinical Licensees$300.00
   All Licensees$460.00

(In accordance with privacy restrictions, some licensees have elected not to have their information made public)

Procedure for ordering:

  • Write a letter to Board of Social Work Examiners stating whether you want a roster in ASCII or Excel format.
  • State whether you want your list by licensee name or Zip Code sequence.
  • State whether you want all licensees, Bachelors, Masters, Certifieds, Clinicals or both Certified and Clinical.
  • Indicate if you are interested in: active licensees only or a list with active and inactive licensees.
  • The lists are sent as attachments to an email, so include an email address.
  • The letter must be accompanied by a check or money order in the appropriate amount as indicated above, payable to the: Maryland Board of Social Work Examiners

The Board's address:

Maryland Board of Social Work Examiners
4201 Patterson Avenue
Baltimore, MD 21215