1. Is the online renewal secure?


2. What paperwork will I send in?

When you renew online, no paperwork is required. You will attest electronically that you have completed your continuing education (CEU ) requirement.

3. Questions #1 through #6?

Please provide a written explanation to all questions marked with a yes. Questions # 4 & # 5 require the social worker to submit a certified copy of the police/court record and the final disposition.

Please mail the following to the Director of Licensing & Certification:

  1. A signed copy of the online renewal application or the renewal application
  2. The renewal fee
  3. CEU report form
  4. Fee with the legal documentation.

4. What if I do not wish to renew online?

A social worker can print the renewal application form and instructions off the Board’s website or call the Board and request a renewal application.

5. What are the continuing education requirements?

The current continuing education requirement is 40 (30 for LBSW) credit units of continuing education in programs and categories approved by the Board for each two-year period of licensure. Licensees must obtain at least 20 (15 for LBSW) of the 40 (30 for LBSW) credits in Category I . All 40 (30 for LBSW) credit units may be earned in Category I. Category I credits can only be given by Board Authorized Sponsors , Association of Social Work Boards (www.aswb.org) and the National Association of Social Workers (www.socialworkers.org).

a) Ethics requirement.

Of the 40 (30 for LBSW) required credit units, a licensee must obtain 3 credit units in Category I or Category II in a content area focusing on ethics and professional conduct which is consistent with generally accepted standards of practice.

b) Board Approved Supervisor requirement.

As a Board Approved supervisor, renewing your license in 2019, you will also be renewing your approval as a Board Approved Supervisor by completing 3 Category I or II credit hours in supervision. If you no longer want to be a Board Approved Supervisor, please email, gloria.hammel@maryland.gov, and request that your approval as a supervisor status not be renewed. The Board office will remove the original approval date which will remove your name on the Board's website and you will be able to renew your license without the continuing education requirement for supervision.

In addition, if at a later date, you wish to be a Board Approved Supervisor, you will need to apply, pay the fee and meet the education requirement.

6. Will there be an audit?

Yes. After the license renewal is over, the Board will conduct an audit of the required continuing education credit units. Those randomly selected for the post renewal audit will be required to submit certificates of completion, along with other continuing education documentation such as brochures, agendas, learning objectives or outlines

7. What if I do not have the 40 continuing education credit units?

Please be reminded that a social worker has until October 31st, of the year the license expires, to obtain the required credit units. The Board cannot issue a license unless the social worker can attest to the fact that she/he has the required credit units. A social worker may REQUEST AN EXTENSION of time to meet the continuing education requirements.Please review COMAR for further details.

If requesting an extension, please mail as soon as possible but no later than October 1st:

  1. the license renewal application,
  2. fee,
  3. written request along with supporting documentation, and
  4. copies of continuing education certificates earned.

A Board review is required.

8. Extensions?

The Board may or may not grant an extension of time to meet the continuing education requirements. If the Board authorizes the extension, a "Conditional 6 month license" will be issued.

Without exception, no additional time will be granted beyond the April 30th deadline

9. Do I need to renew my LMSW license if I plan to submit an application for licensure at the LCSW or LCSW-C level?

Yes. Reviewing and approving an application can take 6 to 8 weeks. Registering and scheduling an examination can take 3 to 4 weeks. Receiving the passing score and issuing a license can take 2 weeks. The entire process can take from 9 to 13 weeks, about 3 months. If the applicant fails the exam she/he must wait 90 days before retesting.

10. What if an LCSW or LCSW-C license is issued soon after I renew my LMSW license, can I receive a partial refund?

No, the Board cannot pro-rate the license renewal fee.

11. What is the process to place my license on Inactive status?

Licensees, with an active license, can request that their license be placed on inactive status. See the enclosed Licensure Options form and information. Mail the form with a check or money order for $15 payable to the Maryland Board of Social Work Examiners. The form and fee must be submitted before the license expires on October31st . A license can remain on inactive status for five years. In order to reactivate a license, the licensee must submit an application for reactivation; with the reactivation processing fee and documentation of 40 (30 for LBSW) continuing education credit units obtained in the two years preceding the application for reactivation. Applications for reactivation must be submitted before 5 years from the time the license expired.

Need Assistance

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If you are unable to locate the information, please send us an email message.

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