Hello, The Board recognizes the anxiety that comes along with the application process. We make every attempt to inform applicants of the status of their application within two weeks of receipt of all documents needed. Then we process the applications as quickly as possible. Please remember that the Board has up to 60 days to inform applicants of their status. If you have not heard from the Board within the time frame allotted by law please contact the Board supervisor, Tyrone Willoughby Jr LCSW-C.

Types of Applications available online: for all levels

  • Application by Examination
  • Application by Endorsement
  • Reactivation / Reinstatement
  • Re-Licensure


Before You begin, you will need the following:

  • 1. Internet access. (Home, office, library)
  • 2. Social Security number is requir​ed to apply.
  • 3. An email address. (Please use a working / valid email address). Once you start an application, you will receive emails with updates & communications from the board. Check your email INBOX, JUNK, SPAM and TRASH folders to locate your first email with your Application ID. This email may have been sent to one of these folders depending on the security of your email provider.
  • (Note: Please make sure you add bswe.licensing@maryland.gov to your trusted/allowed email address list to ensure the email does not get sent to your spam folder or get filtered out of your email before it is received.)
  • 4. Your Social Work licenses held in any state including Maryland
  • 5. Your Visa, MasterCard or Discover. The Board does NOT accept checks or money orders for online applications. Your application is considered incomplete until we received payment.


Depending on the type of application you have completed you will have to send in additional paperwork by mail. See below:


Licensure by Examination: LBSW & LMSW

Licensure by Examination: LCSW & LCSW-C

Licensure by Endorsement: LBSW & LMSW

Licensure By Endorsement: LCSW & LCSW-C (less than 5 years of holding a Clinical or Advanced Generalist License)

Licensure by Endorsement: LCSW & LCSW-C (at least 5 years out of the past 10 years of holding a Clinical or Advanced Generalist License)

Reactivation: All Levels (An Inactive License within 5 years of the expiration date)

Reinstatment: All Levels (A Non-Renewed License within 5 years of the expiration date)

Re-licensure Application: All Levels (After 5 years of expiration date by Examination or Endorsement)