2020 Maryland Legislative Session
Bills Passed That Impact Social Workers

HB 448/SB 402
Health Care Practitioners - Telehealth and Shortage
HB 527/SB 245
Health Occupations – Social Workers – Scope of Practice, Supervision, and Application Decision Appeal Process

Maryland Code

Revised July 2018

SOCIAL WORKERS: The link takes you directly to the section of the Maryland Code that pertains to social work.

  Subtitle 3. Licensing


Title 10: DHMH Subtitle 42, Board of Social Work Examiners

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  10.42.01: Regulations Governing Licensure (Revised effective on 06/17/2019)
  10.42.02: Social Work Practice  (Revised effective on 06/17/2019)
  10.42.03: Code of Ethics (Revised effective on 05/20/2019)
  10.42.04: Rules of Procedure for Board Hearings (Revised effective on 05/20/2019)
  10.42.05: Fee Schedule
  10.42.06: Continuing Education Requirements  (Revised effective on 05/20/2019)
  10.42.08: Supervision Regulations (Revised effective on 06/17/2019)
  10.42.09: Disciplinary Sanctions and Monetary Penalties (Revised effective on 06/17/2019)
  10.42.10: Teletherapy
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Subtitle 4. Personal Medical Records

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A current status of bills related to social work presently before the legislature may be accessed here.