Please send a copy of the marriage certificate, divorce degree etc., by
1) fax (410-358-2469); 
2) by postal mail; or
3) scan and attach to a an email and send it the email to
Please indicate the change “from - to” as follows:
            From: Smith, Mary
To:       Clark, Mary
            Smith, Mary C
            Smith, Mary Clark
            Smith-Clark, Mary
            Smith Clark, Mary
Please make it clear to the Board if you want your previous name as your middle name; or if your previous name should be listed as your maiden name.
If you will have two names for your last name, be sure to inform the Board if there should be or should not be a hyphen between the last two names.
Name change and the issuance of a new license:
Effective January 1, 2014, the Board no longer print paper licenses. 
However, licensees, employers and clients etc., may verify a social work license by selecting “License Verification” on the left side of the Board’s homepage. 
Do not forget to inform the Board if your mailing address, phone numbers, or email address has changed
If you have additional questions, please contact the Licensing Coordinator, Louise C. Bohle at