During Pregnancy

When someone finds out they are pregnant, they may be excited, scared, sad, happy, confused, or a mix of emotions. There are many reasons why someone might want to be pregnant or not want to be pregnant. Whatever the reasons, it’s important to support them in getting the health care they need for their path forward. Maryland Family Planning Program (MFPP) providers are here to help.

If you or someone you know is already pregnant and is not sure what to do, resources are available. Pregnancy options counseling serves to guide a pregnant person through all of their options and help them decide how they want to proceed with their pregnancy. 

You can access the following services at Maryland Family Planning Program clinics throughout the state and services are free or affordable. You can also use your insurance, including Medicaid, at all of the clinic locations. Insurance is not required and no one is ever turned away based on ability to pay. Pregnancy testing is also available if you are not sure if you are pregnant. 

Medicaid offers free health coverage to eligible pregnant people and you can apply for Medicaid at any point during your pregnancy. Medicaid coverage also extends past pregnancy for 12 months, to allow beneficiaries to access comprehensive medical, dental, and postpartum care services. Click here for more information on eligibility and how to apply.

Pregnancy options counseling is available at Maryland Family Planning Program clinics and services are free or affordable. Pregnancy testing is also available if you are not sure if you are pregnant. Insurance is accepted and no one is ever turned away based on ability to pay. 

If you wish to continue a pregnancy to either parent the child or choose adoption, it’s important to receive prenatal care services. Prenatal care services are the services a pregnant person receives to support a healthy pregnancy for both the pregnant person and the fetus. These services may include: folic acid supplementation, immunizations, testing for infection and disease, counseling on tobacco, alcohol and drug use, blood pressure management, emotional and mental support services, and more. You can use the clinic locator tool below to find a Maryland Family Planning Program clinic close to you and access these services. You can also find more information and resources on making an adoption plan through All-Options and the Maryland Department of Human Services.

If you are pregnant or recently gave birth, you may also be eligible for Maryland’s Home Visiting Services​. Home Visiting services are designed for pregnant people to get the care and support they need to have a healthy pregnancy and healthy child. These services are free and are usually provided in the home by a specially trained professional or a nurse. The type of home visiting services and home visitor is tailored to the specific needs of the family. The home visits can teach you about:

  • ​how your baby grows and learns
  • parenting skills
  • self-care
  • resources available to you in the community
  • diet and nutrition
  • planning for the future
  • mental health and stress control 
Resources for additional support during pregnancy may also be available and you can talk to your provider to discuss these options.
If you wish to not continue your pregnancy, there are many resources available to support you. If you currently have Medicaid coverage, you may be eligible to use your insurance  to cover the cost of abortion care. Some private insurance may cover this care as well and you can call your insurance provider to find out.



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