Avoiding Pregnancy

If you want to prevent or delay pregnancy, a family planning provider can help you figure out what options will best meet your needs and goals. Contraception (birth control) can be used by women, men, and people across the gender spectrum. You can access many contraceptive options at Maryland Family Planning Program clinics throughout the state and services are free or affordable. You can also use your insurance, including Medicaid, at all of the clinic locations. Insurance is not required and no one is ever turned away based on ability to pay. Pregnancy testing is also available if you are not sure if you are pregnant. ​

Want to explore contraceptive methods on your own first? You'll find helpful visuals, facts and information at Bedsider.org. Some questions you might want to think about as you explore methods are:

  • Do I want a method that will prevent sexually transmitted infections, diseases (STIs) and HIV?

  • Do I want a method that my partner won’t find or know about?

  • Do I want a method that can last for several years?

  • Do I want a method that I can add or remove myself?

  • Do I want a method that will reduce the frequency and/or intensity of my periods?

A family planning provider can explain and compare the different contraceptive options and help you determine which options will work best for your needs, desires and goals. You can use the search tool below to find a clinic near you and book an appointment with one of these providers to talk about all of this and more.​​


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