​About The MD Family Planning Program

The Maryland Family Planning Program makes sexual and reproductive health services accessible and affordable to support the life and health goals of all Marylanders.

The Maryland Family Planning Program envisions a Maryland where all individuals can access quality health services and are guaranteed their right to bodily autonomy, to choose when and whether to have children, and to live healthy and happy lives. 

Services are welcoming, safe, affordable, convenient, and high-quality. Clients are cared for and respected, centered in decision-making, and in control of their own bodies. 
Staff are diverse, supported in their professional goals, and encouraged to think creatively and speak up when change is needed. Staff are provided the training, tools, and support they need to meet the mission and vision of the Maryland Family Planning Program.

About the Program 
The Maryland Family Planning Program (MFPP) has delivered comprehensive family planning, sexual and reproductive health, and related preventive health services to communities in need across Maryland for over thirty years. The MFPP collaborates with 22 agencies to provide services through a well-established network of 60 comprehensive health care service sites in 22 of Maryland’s 24 jurisdictions. The agencies include local health departments in Baltimore City and 18 additional counties, non-profit health organizations, and federally-qualified health centers. No one is ever denied services at MFPP clinics because of the inability to pay. 

Program successes
  • Check out this commercial for Baltimore City MFPP clinics created by Baltimore teenagers at UChoose Baltimore.
  • The Maryland Reproductive Health Roundtable is a statewide, multi-session virtual series spanning across three months to share education and information around reproductive health and family planning in the state of Maryland. You can view the 2020 virtual series here​ and the 2021 virtual series here
Resources and Materials
  • Training Resources for Primary Care Providers in Reproductive Health Life Plan (RHLP) and Preconception Counseling can be found here​.​
  • Information on the Immediate Postpartum Long-Acting Reversible Contraception (IPP LARC) program and toolkit can be found here.
  • Maryland Reproductive Health Roundtable 2021 Virtual Series.
  • Maryland Reproductive Health Roundtable 2020 Virtual Series.
During the State Fiscal Year 23, the Maryland Family Planning Program will focus on expanding the capacity of telehealth amongst their providers. Please find additional information here.​Questions regarding resources and materials can be sent to mdh.mchb@maryland.gov.

Client Testimonials
The Maryland Family Planning Program takes great pride in providing excellent service to all of its clients. When you complete an appointment at one of the program sites, you always have the chance to complete a client satisfaction survey to provide feedback on what went well or needs improvement. MFPP welcomes and values your input!
"Everything was explained very clearly and they made sure all of my questions were answered"
"Absolutely love it here, it's so private and the nurses are so comforting about any and all situations"  
 "The work you do here makes all the difference in the world" 

 "I appreciate how nice and comforting everyone is at this clinic"​


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