​Cancer Screenings and Prevention


​Many cancer screenings and prevention services are available at Maryland Family Planning Program clinics. Services are free or affordable and insurance is accepted but not required. No one is ever turned away based on ability to pay. You can use the clinic finder search tool below to find a clinic near you. Services are free or affordable and you can also use your insurance, including Medicaid, at all of the clinic locations. Insurance is not required and no one is ever turned away based on ability to pay. 

Preventing cancer
Cancer can be caused by diseases, genetics, lifestyle, and environmental factors. While it is impossible to guarantee a lifetime free of cancer, some specific cancers can be prevented by vaccines. You can reduce the risk of acquiring others by making healthy choices such as wearing hats and using sunscreen to reduce the risk of skin cancer, not smoking or quitting smoking to reduce the risk of lung cancer, and maintaining a healthy diet and lifestyle to support a strong immune system.  

At Maryland Family Planning Program clinics you can get two vaccines that are available to prevent infections that cause cancer:

  • The human papillomavirus (HPV) vaccine prevents HPV infection and the cancers it can cause in the cervix, penis, vagina, anus, and throat.
  • The hepatitis B vaccine prevents hepatitis B infection and the cancer it can cause in the liver.

You can also receive screening, counseling and referrals from a family planning clinic provider related to:
  • Alcohol and other drug use 
  • Tobacco use 
  • Diabetes
  • Blood pressure
  • Diet
  • Depression
  • Intimate partner violence
Screening for cancer
Screening for cancer means looking for cancer before someone has symptoms. Screening tests can help find cancer in early stages when it may be easier to treat or cure the cancer. There are different types of screening tests and a medical provider can discuss which options might be best for you based on your unique health history and needs.
At Maryland Family Planning Program clinics you can receive screenings for the following:

  • Cervical cancer: Cervical cancer is nearly always caused by infection from HPV, which can be prevented with the HPV vaccine. Cervical cancer develops slowly over time and abnormal cells become visible in the cervix before cancer cells develop. This means it is possible to screen for and treat cervical cancer before it has a chance to spread very far. A Pap test is used to screen for cervical cancer. Learn more about cervical cancer screening
  • Breast cancer: Breast cancer is the second most common cancer in women and people with breasts (skin cancer is the most common). The risk for breast cancer increases if there is a family history of breast cancer or as a woman or person with breasts ages. Screenings can include a physical examination of the breasts, mammography, and more, depending on the provider’s assessment of the person’s risk. Learn more about breast cancer screening​
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