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On-Site Well and Septic Programs

On-site septic systems are used for the disposal of sewage where public collection and disposal systems are not available.  A proper functioning septic system depends on many factors and may be is impacted by site suitability and use (load) of the system.  Percolation tests are conducted to evaluate soils for suitability of a potential on-site septic system. 

The suitability of a parcel for development is determined by the ability to adequately discharge sewage generated on the property, the site selection, testing times, and procedures are best discussed and determined by the Health Department. For instructions on preparation for perc testing, contact environmental health at (301) 759-5040 or download the Percolation Testing and Soil Analysis for On-site Sewage Disposal Systems brochure. Wells

The siting of a well, construction, yield, and water quality are all part of the approval process for permitting any well drilled in Maryland.  Once a well is drilled, water is sampled to ensure the potability of the well water.  Permits to drill a well are issued to a licensed well driller following an application process.  Applications to drill a well are available in our office during normal operating hours. For more information contact the Environmental Health Division at (301) 759-5040.

Fee Schedule​

Conventional Soil Percolation Test/Evaluation (Perc Test):  $200
Innovative/Alternative Evaluation (Sand Mound Test):  $200
Septic System Installation Permit:  $100
Septic System Repair Evaluation/Design:  $75 
Septic System Repair Installation Permit:  $50
Subdivision Plat Review:  $25/plat + $10/lot
Well Permit:  $125