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In-Home Assistance for Seniors and Disabled Persons

In Allegany County, Adult Evaluation and Review Services (AERS) is the lead agency for the Senior Care Program and the National Family Caregiver Support Program. The AERS programs collaborate with various local and state agencies. 


The AERS, Senior Care, and National Family Caregiver Support Program (NFCSP) conduct in-home and on-site visits to evaluate individuals and refer them for services they may be eligible to receive.  Senior Care provides in-home services and purchases supplies for eligible clients on a limited basis. 

NFCSP employs a Certified Nursing Assistant who can provide respite in client’s homes several times weekly. 

Senior Care and NFCSP each have an ongoing waiting list due to limited funding. 


AERS provides no-cost evaluations for aged and functionally disabled individuals who require long-term care and are at risk of institutionalization.

Senior Care provides services to clients aged 65+, who meet income and asset guidelines, and who are severely or moderately disabled based on the AERS Assessment. Income guidelines are adjusted yearly, but the Assets must be less than $11,000 for an individual and less than $14,000 for a couple.

NFCSP​ clients must be 60 or older, with no specific income or asset guidelines. The clients must have a caregiver who needs respite to be eligible. 

How to Obtain Services:

Referrals are accepted from other agencies, clients, family members, or other concerned individuals. For more information or to make a referral, call 301-759-5210.

​The National Family Caregiver Support Program is now partnered with TRUALTA!
TRUALTA is an online platform that provides education and support information for caregivers.  Accessible anytime, from any device, TRUALTA helps to provide information and resources to assist caregivers.  TRUALTA is dedicated to empowering caregivers through skills-based education and support.  To register for a free account and learn more about TRUALTA, visit https://alleganyco.trualta.com​.  Contact the ACHD for more information at 301-759-5210.