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The Maryland Vaccines for Children (VFC) Program has been in operation since October 1994. To date we have more than 750 providers enrolled who practice at 1,000 public and private practice vaccine delivery sites throughout the State. Designed to remove cost as a barrier to vaccination, this program allows enrolled physicians to provide all routinely recommended vaccines, free of cost, to children 18 years old and younger who:

  • are Maryland Medicaid eligible;
  • are uninsured; or
  • are Native American or Alaskan Native; or
  • are underinsured (children who have health insurance that does not cover immunization).

To enroll a physician simply completes and returns the Vaccines for Children enrollment package. After returning the completed forms they will be contacted by their assigned VFC Consultant. The VFC Consultant will provide the practice/clinic staff with the necessary training to assist in the safe storage and handling of vaccines and provide information on how to comply with federal law regarding vaccine documentation.

Once enrolled, a practice/clinic will receive vaccine free of cost, current Vaccine Information Statements (VIS) , and VFC quarterly newsletters which provides updates on immunization issues and the VFC Program.

By enrolling in the VFC program a physician agrees to:

  • Screen all patients for eligibility and maintain a record of this screening with the eligible child's medical record;
  • Not charge for the VFC supplied vaccine (although the physician may charge an administration fee of up to $23.28 per dose administered for non-Medical Assistance patients). A practice/clinic does not have to be part of the Medical Assistance Program to participate in the VFC program.
  • Provide VIS(s) as required by law; and
  • Participate in an annual VFC Site Review.

For information on the national VFC Program administered by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention visit their website.

To request your enrollment package or for more information on the VFC Program contact the VFC Consultant for your jurisdiction.

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