TELETHERAPY - Frequently Asked Questions​

As a Maryland LCSW-C, can I provide teletherapy to Maryland clients even when I am physically in another state or jurisdiction?  

I am a licensed social worker in another state and my client will be returning to Maryland during the summer break. Can I continue to provide therapy through teletherapy while he is home for the summer?  
No. The Maryland Board does not have provisional or temporary licenses and therefore you will need to obtain a Maryland social work license.  

Can a Maryland LMSW provide teletherapy? 
Yes, under the supervision of a Board Approved LCSW-C Supervisor.

My client will be traveling to another country. Can I provide teletherapy?  
You will need to contact the professional licensing authority in the country where the client will be when receiving teletherapy.

I am licensed in Maryland and have a private practice.  A young lady will be starting counseling - she lives in Md.  In the fall, she will be going to college in Florida - her home address will remain in Maryland.  Would I be able to continue providing her counseling or will she need to find someone in Florida? 
You will need to contact the Florida Board of Social Work to determine the licensing and practice requirements. 

I am a social worker from Canada, and I have been approached by a Toronto resident to do virtual family counselling for a mother and daughter. The daughter lives in Maryland.  I am wondering how I get permission to do this for this one case.  
You will need to apply for and obtain a Maryland license.

I recently moved from Maryland to North Carolina and would like to start working virtually. I was wondering if I, in North Carolina, can work with Maryland  clients (virtually) under my Maryland licensure Yes or do I need a North Carolina license to do that? No  

Am I able to see virtual clients in Maryland from any other state?  Yes  or must I be in Maryland ,as well? No 

If I am able to practice from North Carolina with Maryland clients, are there any other tasks that I need to complete to make that happen? 
Just keep your Maryland license active and in good standing.  

What are the Maryland laws governing virtual services?  
Health-General Article, §15-141.2; Health Occupations Article, §§1-901—1-903 and 1-1001—1-1006; Insurance Article, §15-139; Annotated Code of Maryland​ 

I am not providing therapy. I work for a telephone-based case management program in New Jersey that helps individuals with social work needs – financial, food insecurity, transportation, accessing local  resources and services. Do I need to be licensed by the Maryland Board of Social Work to provide these services to Maryland clients? 
Yes, Case management services provided by a licensed social worker is social work and requires a Maryland license for Maryland clients.

 If a social worker is licensed in Maryland and providing social work services to a client in Maryland, is the social worker mandated to be in Maryland at that time? 

For example, could a social worker practice via telehealth in Maryland if the social worker is physically in Pennsylvania?
 Yes (they are not licensed in Pennsylvania, only in Maryland)?

Also, if practicing telehealth from another stare is permitted, is that only during the COVID-19 emergency?