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Community Environmental Health Services

​​Environmental Health services include many 'behind the scenes' services which support the regulation and enforcement of laws concerning community health and public spaces.

Recreational Beach Sampling and Monitoring

Recreational Beaches are beach known to be used by the public for swimming. Recreational Beaches are sampled and monitored from May to September for bacteriological levels. In Allegany County, we have two beaches that are sampled and monitored for levels.

Public Swimming Pool Inspections

Public pools and Spas are required to have a permit. Current fee​ of $100 must accompany application before inspection can be scheduled. Renewal applications are sent out in April. Seasonal pools will require 'PRE-OPENING' inspections. Also, all pools permitted are subject to a monthly inspection in order to retain the operating permit.

Campground Inspections

Campgrounds are required to have a permit for operation. Campground inspections are required to ensure proper sewage disposal, potable water supply, general safety and sanitation.

Mobile Home Park Inspections

Mobile Home Parks are required to have a permit for operation. Mobile Home parks are inspected for proper sewage disposal, potable water supply, and general sanitation.

Public Health Nuisance Complaints

Click HERE​ to download the nuisance complaint form.  (Please note that we do not accept anonymous or unsigned complaint forms.)

Clean Indoor Air

The Maryland Clean Indoor Air​ Act​ prohibits smoking in virtually all indoor areas open to the public in order to preserve and improve the health, comfort, and environment of the people of Maryland by limiting exposure to tobacco smoke.