Local Health Improvement Coalitions


Local Health Improvement Coalitions (LHICs) equip local jurisdictions to determine their public health priorities and address specific public health priorities. The Office of Population Health Improvement provides technical assistance to each of the 22 LHICs across Maryland and performs liaison functions between the LHICs and other MDH programs and State Agencies. 

What does the program do?

  • Local Health Improvement Coalitions (LHICs) are groups of jurisdictional-level stakeholders.
  • Each LHIC sets public health priorities for their respective communities.
  • LHICs address these health priorities through programs, policies, and coordinated efforts with programmatic, data, and infrastructure support from the state and county.

Where can I learn more?

Questions or comments may be directed to kimberly.hiner@maryland.gov​. For our updated contact information, please refer to the toolbar "Popular Links" for the Staff Directory.
Last updated: 2022 July 15