Primary Care


The Primary Care Office improves access to healthcare for Maryland through expanded primary care, dental, and mental health in underserved areas. This is accomplished through leveraging federal opportunities and health care workforce programs. The PCO accomplishes this by establishing Federally Qualified Health Centers (FQHCs); enhancing Medicaid and Medicare reimbursement; utilizing workforce programs to recruit and retain providers. The Maryland Primary Care Office (PCO) in OPHI is federally funded by the Health Resources and Services Administration’s Bureau of Health Workforce.​

What does the program do?

  • Collect and submit data to define health care professional shortage designations.
  • Facilitate federal resource allocations to health care shortage designated areas.
  • Provide Technical Assistance for Communities and Organizations.
  • Provide the listing of health shortage occupations.
  • Provide annual funding priorities for the Federally Qualified Health Centers Grant Program ($2.5 Million) to the Office of Capital Planning, Budgeting, and Engineering Services for conversion, design, construction, renovation, acquisition, and equipping of facilities to provide primary care, obstetrics and gynecological, dental, mental health, and drug and alcohol abuse treatment services.

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Last updated: 2021 November 3