Core Funding


Health-General-Article §2–301​ - 2-30​5​ , Local Health Department funding establishes the Core Funding program that supports Maryland’s local health departments with funding for core public health functions and staff. The mission is to provide resources and technical assistance to allow each local health department to thrive and excel in providing the ten essential public health services. The Core Funding program’s vision is a high quality, effective public health system funded with State and local resources which support prevention, provides public health protection and promotes health for all Marylanders. The budget is approved annually through the Governor's Budget.

What does the program do?

  • Prepare and maintain the annual budget.
  • Distribute core funding to Maryland’s 23 counties and Baltimore City based upon the state driven formula.
  • Support local public health services through infectious disease prevention and treatment services, environmental health services, family planning services, maternal and child health services, wellness promotion services, adult health and geriatric services, protective equipment for certain health care personnel and materials appropriate to prepare for potential communicable disease emergencies​, and administration.
  • Update budget on a monthly basis with actual expenditures as well as projected amounts for expenditures to be made in future months.
  • Liaison between state and all counties/city.

Where can I learn more?

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Last updated: 2023 May 19