About Us

​ In pursuit of a healthy, thriving Maryland, the Office of Population Health Improvement (OPHI) envisions a health system that is stakeholder-driven, data-informed, and financially aligned with health in all policies. Our mission is to transform public health through stewardship of data, partnerships, and funding initiatives to develop innovative health policy and improve the health infrastructure of Maryland. The following goals support this mission:
Strategic Goals

  • Monitor the health status of communities and establish targets for improvement;
  • Create and promote relevant state and national health policies;
  • Develop advanced primary care models and improve access to primary care;
  • Promote sustainable, evidence-based strategies in public health and health care to address multiple determinants of health;
  • Fund and monitor the performance of local public health;
  • Support community based organizations and local health;
  • Maintain public health accreditation;
  • Improve the quality of public health services;
  • Increase access to care in rural communities;
  • Promote healthy living in childhood and across the life course;
  • Collaborate with Maryland State Department of Education to assure the physical and psychological health of school-aged children;
  • Provide leadership and expertise to the development of School Health programming.

 Focus Areas

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Last updated: 2022 October 25