Subst​ance Use Prevention Unit


The Prevention unit supports the work of communities to develop and implement strategies to prevent and reduce harm related to substance use disorders. This is accomplished by providing oversight of federal grants, administering the Overdose Fatality Review (OFR)  program, and by providing training and technical assistance to local jurisdictions.​


What activities and services is the Unit engaged in?
  • Training and technical assistance to local health authorities, government agencies, colleges and universities, stakeholders and the Local Overdose Fatality Review teams

  • Information collection and dissemination

  • Participation in State and Federal partnerships

  • Support policy development at the state level

  • Coordinate prevention activities

  • Approve prevention applications submitted by local jurisdictions

  • Support the OFR dashboard 

  • Publish annual OFR report synopsis​​​​​

Where can I learn more?​

Questions or comments regarding the SABG and OMPP programs ​may be directed to: or regarding the OFR program to​  For our updated contact information, please refer to the toolbar 'Popular Links' for the 'Staff Directory.' ​​