L​ocal Health Department Billing Manual


The Local Health Department (LHD) Billing Manual (Manual) provides a framework for LHDs to implement and/or expand their billing infrastructure.  Maryland’s 24 LHDs continue to assess their capabilities, readiness and challenges to bill insurance providers and collect for healthcare services. This manual will serve as a technical resource for the LHDs for implementing and/or expanding their billing infrastructure.​

The LHD Billing Manual provides information in the following categories:
  1. Maryland General Information
  2. Creating the Billing Foundation
  3. Revenue Cycle Management
  4. LHD Programs and Services
  5. Billing-related Software
  6. Maryland Payers
  7. Contracting and Credentialing
  8. Compliance​
  9. Resources
  10. Archive

The current version of the LHD Billing Manual is available at the link below:

Local Health Department Billing Manual - PDF Version​ 

            June 2022, Version 39 Updates, including COVID-19 information

Log of Monthly updates to the LHD Billing Manual:

LHD Billing Manual Trainings

​           May 18, 2022
               Materials:  Presentation​, Recording of the training​            ​

           December 8, 2021
               Materials:  PresentationR​ecording of the training

​           February 17, 2021

               Materials: PresentationRecording of the training​            

Questions or comments may be directed to:

Tina Backe, Coordinator,  Community Health Worker Program, Office of Population Health Improvement, tina.backe@maryland.gov, 443-401-7531