L​ocal Health Department Billing Manual


The Local Health Department (LHD) Billing Manual (Manual) provides a framework for LHDs to implement and/or expand their billing infrastructure.  Maryland’s 24 LHDs continue to assess their capabilities, readiness and challenges to bill insurance providers and collect for healthcare services. This manual will serve as a technical resource for the LHDs for implementing and/or expanding their billing infrastructure.​

The LHD Billing Manual provides information in the following categories:
  1. Maryland General Information
  2. Creating the Billing Foundation
  3. Revenue Cycle Management
  4. LHD Programs and Services
  5. Billing-related Software
  6. Maryland Payers
  7. Contracting and Credentialing
  8. Compliance​
  9. Resources
  10. Archive

The current version of the LHD Billing Manual is available at the link below:

Local Health Department Billing Manual - PDF Version​ 

            April 2021, Version 27 Updates, including COVID-19 information
      Note:  The Portfolio version of the LHD Billing Manual is no longer available.  All of 
      the documents from the Portfolio version have been transferred to the PDF version.  All 
      future updates will be incorporated into the PDF version with most recent updates posted 
      to the top of each section.

Log of Monthly updates to the LHD Billing Manual:

LHD Billing Manual Trainings

           February 17, 2021

​​          October 28, 2020 PPT

Questions or comments may be directed to:

Tina Backe, Coordinator,  Community Health Worker Program, Office of Population Health Improvement, tina.backe@maryland.gov, 410-767-5590​