​Naloxone Saves Lives!

Naloxone (also known by its brand name, Narcan®) can reverse an opioid overdose by restoring breathing.

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Find Naloxone Near You

Public Overdose Response Programs in the state of Maryland may be found using the interactive map below or this list. Naloxone may also be found in your local pharmacy and billed to insurance and Medicaid.​​

Get Free Naloxone By Mail​

Residents in certain Maryland counties may be eligible to receive free naloxone delivered to their home. Please reach out to an Overdose Response Program​ near you to ask if they offer mail delivery naloxone.​​​

For more information or if you need help finding naloxone, please contact mdh.naloxone@maryland.gov.​

​Click o​n the icon in the top left of the map to view details.​​​​​​​​

​What is an Ov​​erdose Response Program?

MDH authorizes government agencies and community-based organizations as Overdose Response Programs, allowing them to provide overdose education and dispense naloxone to the community. Learn how to become an Overdose Response Program.

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