Core Curriculum

​​Core Naloxone Training Curriculum
COMAR 10.47.08​ outlines the minimum requirement for training third parties to carry and administer naloxone.  Maryland law requires that ORP trainings address the following topics:
  1. Education on recognizing the symptoms and signs of opioid overdose;
  2. Training on responding to an opioid overdose;
  3. The proper use and administration of naloxone;
  4. Proper rescue breathing technique;
  5. The importance of contacting emergency medical services;
  6. The care of an individual after the administration of naloxone; and
  7. Any other topics required by the Department.
An example naloxone training slide deck can be found her​e​. Naloxone trainings don't have to include a PowerPoint, but they do have to cover the above topics.​
Training of ​Trainers​​​​

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Naloxone Training​​​​

Last updated on May 9, 2024.