​​​Information for Pharmacists​

​​​Standing Order for Naloxone Dispensing by Pharmacies

​​The statewide standing order issued by Dr. Laura Herrera Scott, MD, MPH, Secretary​​, Maryland Department of Health (MDH), allows all Maryland licensed pharmacists to dispense naloxone, including any necessary sup​​plies for administration, to any individual.

The standing order was updated on June 30, 2​024 and is effective until June 30, 2025, at which time a new order will be issued.​

Reques​​​t a Copy of the Standin​​​g Order

A faxed copy of the standing order meets the Maryland Medicaid Pharmacy Program’s requirements for tamper resistant prescriptions. Request a faxed copy here.​

Learn How to Use N​alo​​​​​​​​xone.

​What if a Custom​​er Cannot Afford Naloxone?

If a customer cannot afford naloxone or related co-pays and/or doesn’t want to use insurance coverage, please refer them to one of our Overdose Respo​nse Programs​ where they can obtain a naloxone kit free of charge.

For questions about naloxone or the statewide standing order, please email mdh.naloxone@maryland.gov​.​

​Frequently-Asked Questions

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