​​​Information for Pharmacists​

​​​Standing Order for Naloxone Dispensing by Pharmacies

​​The statewide standing order issued by Dr. Jinlene Chan, MD, MPH, Deputy Secretary for Public Health, Maryland Department of Health (MDH), allows all Maryland licensed pharmacists to dispense naloxone, including any necessary sup​​plies for administration, to any individual without a patient-specific prescription.

Pharmacists may dispense naloxone to anyone, regardless of whether the person has previously been trained under the Overdose Response Program or received training in opioid overdose response.

The standing order was updated on July 21, 2022 and is effective until June 30, 2024, at which time a new order will be issued.

Reques​​​t a Copy of the Standin​​​g Order

A faxed copy of the standing order meets the Maryland Medicaid Pharmacy Program’s requirements for tamper resistant prescriptions. Request a faxed copy here.​

Learn How to Use N​alo​​​​​​​​xone.

​What if a Custom​​er Cannot Afford Naloxone?

If a customer cannot afford naloxone or related co-pays and/or doesn’t want to use insurance coverage, please refer them to one of our Overdose Respo​nse Programs​ where they can obtain a naloxone kit free of charge.

For questions about naloxone or the statewide standing order, please email mdh.naloxone@maryland.gov​.​

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