Get Fr​​ee Naloxone In Person or By Mail​​

​​​Get Free Naloxone In Person​​​

A Google Doc list of public Overdose Response Programs in the state of Maryland may be found h​e​re.​​​

Click on the drawer ​​icon in the top le​ft of the interactive map to view details.​​​

​​​​​Get Free Naloxone by Mail

Residents in certain Maryland counties may be eligible to receive free naloxone delivered to their home. Please use the above map or list to ask an Overdose Response Progra​m​ near you if they offer mail delivery naloxone.​​​​​

Get Naloxone at a Pharm​​acy​​​​

Do I need a prescripti​on​​?​

​​​​​​No. Anyone can get naloxone from a p​harmacy without an individual prescription under the statewide standing order. Anyone can get naloxone from a pharmacy without proof of certification or training. If you have difficulty accessing naloxone at a pharmacy, please contact mdh.naloxone@maryland.gov​.

Will nalo​​xone be in stock​​​​​​​?

Nalo​​​xone stock can vary. Call ahead to ​​make sure naloxone is in stock.​

Is naloxone free at a phar​​​​macy?

No, naloxone is not free at a pharmacy, but it is covered by many insurance plans (copays vary) and Mary​land Medicaid.

​​Where can I get naloxone​​ for free?

​View the map and Google doc above under “Get Naloxone In Person” to find free Naloxone near you.​​​​

Learn how to use naloxon​​​​e

Click here​ to learn how to use naloxone.​​


Please contact mdh.naloxone@maryland.gov.


​Fre​quently-Asked Questions​

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