How to Become an Overdose Response Program (ORP)​​​

What is an Overdose Response Program?

MDH authorizes government agencies and community-based organizations as Overdose Response Programs (ORPs), allowing them to provide overdose education and dispense naloxone through partnerships with prescribers.

If you’re interested i​n​​​ becoming authorized to dispense naloxone, keep reading!

Five Steps to Dispensing Nalo​​xone at Your Organization​​
​​​Contact ​ with any questions.
  1. Start an ORP Application. Save the link to your entry so that you can continue working on it later.​
  2. Find a nurse practitioner or doctor with prescribing authority to serve as your Licensed Health Care Provider (LHCP). Your LHCP will need to sign documents i and ii below.
  3. Prepare supporting documents.
    1. ​​Naloxone Standing Or​der: allows individuals without prescribing privileges to dispense naloxone under the LHCP’s license.
    2. Licensed Health Care Provider Agreement: a commitment from your LHCP to provide naloxone and provide oversight.​
    3. Dispensing Protocol: outlines how naloxone will be distributed at your organization.
    4. 501(c)(3) documentation - required only if you will ship Narcan to a private residential address.
  4. Attach supporting documents to your ORP application and submit the application. MDH CHRS will reach out with any questions. Once your application is approved, you will receive an email from with your ORP certificate attached.
  5. MDH CHRS will email you to set up a ship point and attend an online ORP orientation. You must do both before naloxone can be ordered.​​​

Thank you for your willingness to save a life!​​​​​

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