​​What is the ORP?

The Overdose Response Program is a program administered by the Maryland Department of Health’s Center for Harm Reduction Services.  Authorization as an Overdose Response Program indicates that you and/or your organization provide comprehensive education in recognizing the signs and symptoms of opioid overdose as well as training in how to administer naloxone and provide supportive care until emergency help arrives.

The Center for Harm Reduction Services administers the Overdose Response Program, which provides the means for training bystanders to administer naloxone in the event of an opioid overdose. MDH authorizes local entities as Overdose Response Programs, allowing them to provide overdose education and dispense naloxone through partnerships with prescribers. ​
Entities Seeking Authorization as Overdose Response Programs

Entities interested in providing overdose education and those interested in dispensing naloxone may apply for authorization as an Overdose Response Program with MDH. Entities may apply for authorization to provide training. In order to dispense naloxone as an authorized Overdose Response Program, entities must enter into an agreement with a licensed health care provider with prescribing authority. This prescriber may issue a standing order prescription for all individuals trained by the authorized entity, and may delegate dispensing to employees/volunteers of the entity. The prescriber will also work with entities to establish dispensing protocols. 

Entities authorized by MDH as Overdose Response Programs may be eligible to receive free naloxone from MDH to dispense to trainees. After becoming authorized, see below "Naloxone for Authorized Overdose Response Programs" or contact mdh.naloxone@maryland.gov for more information. 

Entities applying for ORP authorization can access the web form here. ​The following documents are required to be uploaded to the web form​ for entities that plan to dispense naloxone to trainees. They are not required for entities planning to provide training only.