Maryland Primary Care Program

CTO Comparison Tool

Welcome to the Care Transformation Organization (CTO) Comparison Tool for the 2021 Program Year. Information for the 2022 Program Year will be made available soon. 

​CTOs are a key part of the Maryland Primary Care Program (MDPCP) and will provide care management resources, infrastructure, and technical assistance to practices that choose to partner with a CTO. This website allows practices applying to participate in the MDPCP to view CTOs available in their area.

Practice applicants interested in partnering with a CTO may identify a first and second choice during the practice application process. However, practices are not required to partner with a CTO in order to participate in the MDPCP. For more detail about partnerships between CTOs and practices, please see the Request f​or Applications (RFA)​.

Disclaimer: Information provided on individual CTO websites is based on self-reported data from each CTO applicant. CMS and the State do not make any guarantees regarding validity of this information.​


  • To view a list of CTOs that are available in your county, please select the county in which your practice is located. 

  • To learn more about the services provided by a particular CTO, please visit their website.

  • Current program participants will have the opportunity to select a new CTO for the 2022 Program Year during an open enrollment period that will take place in late August/early September 2021.  A link to an online CTO Selection Form will be emailed to practices directly.