Maryland Prim​ary Care Program

Practice Information

The Maryland Primary Care Program (MDPCP) is des​igned to support the delivery of advanced primary care throughout the state to improve health outcomes, while controlling total health care spending growth. The program presents an unprecedented opportunity to participate in care transformation for physicians, clinical nurse specialists, nurse practitioners, and physician assistants with a variety of specialty designations, including: General Practice, Family Medicine, Internal Medicine, Obstetrics and Gynecology, Pediatric Medicine, Geriatric Medicine, and co-located Psychiatry.

Modeled after CMMI's national Comprehensive Primary Care Plus Model​ (CPC+), participating practices will receive additional prospective payments from Medicare to make transformative changes to the way they deliver care. Practices will also receive technical assistance and data supports to accelerate transformation.

Practice Timeline

June 8, 2018
Application Period Open ​August 1 - 31, 2018
Business Associate Agreements Signed with CTOs ​​Fall 2018
Participation Agreements Signed with CMS
Fall 2018
Program​ Launch
January 1, 2019

Resources for Preliminarily Approved Practices

General Practice Resources

Educational Sessions​

What's Next and Care Transformation Requirements Webinar Series - Sept-Nov 2018

The MDPCP team is hosting a series of webinars to prepare practices for onboarding requirements and what's coming up next during the Fall of 2018. Each webinar also provides an overview of the five categories of Care Transformation Requirements that practices will need to meet under the MDPCP.

Mini-Webinar Series: Getting Ready for the Maryland Primary Care Program - Summer/Fall 2018

The Program Management Office is providing a series of educational webinars to help practices and CTOs learn more about the MDPCP and prepare to submit their applications. Videos are only a few minutes in length to provide a concise, easy-to-understand overview of important topics that applicants frequently have questions about. Topics specific to practices include:

CMMI MDPCP Practice Office Hours Webinar - August 7, 2018

On August 7, 2018, the Center for Medicare and Medicaid Innovation (CMMI) held a question and answer session for practices interested in learning more about the MDPCP. The discussion was led by a panel of experts, including Christa Speicher from CMMI, and Dr. Howard Haft from the Maryland Department of Health.

MDPCP Practice Opportunity and Program Review Webinar - July 26, 2018

The MDPCP team held a webinar to review program requirements and opportunities for practices to participate in the MDPCP. The session also provides a walkthrough of the Practice Application Portal, which opens August 1, 2018.

MDPCP General Practice Update Webinar - May 31, 2018

The Program Management Office held an MDPCP Update webinar for organizations interested in learning more about the program, with a particular emphasis on practices interested in participating. The presentation includes updates on program design and timeline, as well as a Q&A session.

Maryland Academy of Family Physicians - February 24, 2018

The Program Management Office gave a presentation on the MDPCP during the Maryland Academy of Family Physicians (MDAFP) 2018 Winter Regional Conference. Slides from the presentation are provided below

Regional Provider Meeting Slides - January 25, 2018

Several provider meetings were held throughout the fall of 2017 and winter of 2018 in various regions in Maryland to help education practices about the upcoming requirements for the Maryland Primary Care Program. The slides below contain information that was presented in the Southern region on January 25, 2018.

MACRA, Value-Based Payment, and MDPCP - January 17, 2018

This January 17, 2018 presentation was co-sponsored by the Maryland Department of Public Health, Maryland Health Care Commission, and University of Maryland School of Medicine. Webinar topics included: MACRA in 5 Steps, How to Use the MIPS Calculator, How to Select MIPS Metrics to Report, Maryland Value Based Payment Models, and the Maryland Primary Care Program.

Please check our calendar for a schedule of other upcoming educational events. ​